Special Edition: Remnant Fellowship Prison Ministry Offering Hope to Prisoners

Watch this special edition of the “You Can Overcome” show, hosted by Gwen Shamblin, to hear real-life stories of how God is powerfully and mercifully extending His love to an entire group that many consider the long-forgotten, hopeless, dregs of society – the prisoners.​  As Gwen interviews some of the front line evangelists and selfless workers of Remnant Fellowship Church, your heart will be moved to deeper levels of compassion, mercy and HOPE that God gives second chances to the humble no matter where they reside…and that His power can transform the darkest soul into the brightest light of purity.

As one of the 35 ministries of Remnant Fellowship Church, the “Prison Ministry” spawned from caring for the falsely-accused behind-bars, Joseph and Sonya Smith, to now reaching thousands of inmates across the United States and Canada.  Nothing short of a modern day revival as inmate after inmate report obtaining a new lease on life as a result of finding a genuine connection with God.  Men who at one time vented anger and rage toward one another now spurring one another on in daily good deeds, uniting in prayer and excelling in their devotion to God…a seemingly unlikely yet real brotherhood of believers behind bars.

Although many organizations and mainstream churches have attempted to proselytize this forgotten and shunned demographic of society, it is the unadulterated, full Bible teachings of Gwen Shamblin and the Remnant Fellowship Church—not shying away from the words of Jesus Christ who said to “Go and sin no more” unto salvation – that is taking root and truly making all the difference.

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