Young Men Living for God

Are you looking for answers for how to raise your children to find purpose and meaning in this ever growing dark world? Do you genuinely worry about their futures and yet wonder how to truly point them in the right direction? Gather your family and watch this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show co-hosted by Alec Leaman and Andrew Fischer, who exude a wisdom and perspective far beyond their years. Hear their testimonies and the godly principles their parents passed on to them that helped them find true happiness. Featured guests, teenagers, Addison Martin and Luke Gormsen, will also blow your minds when you hear them speak of their focus, purpose and authentic love for God that empowers every area of their lives. While all four have varying interests and have faced their own individual hardships and testings, they share a common bond that spared them from the slippery dark path that many young people fall prey to these days. What are the keys? Watch this episode and find out!

Special Guests: Addison Martin and Luke Gormsen

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