Good Health for Seniors

What does healthy aging look like? What are the best principles for good health for seniors? Can we stack the deck in our favor to increase the odds of favorable aging or is our individual circumstance based upon the proverbial “luck of the draw”? What if there’s a Biblical blueprint that not only teaches us how to take care of ourselves throughout the many stages of life but also provides us with the means to achieve good health, happiness, peace and joy throughout these times? Join host Gwen Shamblin Lara as she interviews “experienced” individuals who are not only full of energy but also “living the dream” now more than ever before!

You see, it’s not the age or stage of life that matters, but the perspective, appreciation, and obedience to God’s provisions and precepts that make all the difference in the world! This is not a hidden secret, but available to anyone, regardless of age, who wants to grab a hold of the Truth and run with it! Gwen’s done all the groundwork for you . . . There’s no more guessing. All that’s required is for you to follow God’s guidelines for healthy living and to enjoy the benefits that come with living your own dream!

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