Remnant Fellowship – “What to do in the Middle of a Test” – You Can Overcome TV Season 3 Episode 3

Remnant Fellowship TV presents: “What to do in the Middle of a Test” Season 3 Episode 3…Do you feel like you become overwhelmed during times of temptation or spiritual testing? Have you wondered how to stay focused during these times so you can experience the joy of victory? In this episode, Gwen Shamblin addresses the purpose of testing, the source of testing, and how to get through those moments and pass your tests. You will also meet a couple who has each lost 50 pounds and have been set free from anger, depression, self-focus, and bad habits.

Special Guests: Lonzo Herron, Tracey Herron, and Candace Anger
Filmed live October 23, 2013
Copyright 2013 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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