Remnant Fellowship – “The Power of Accountability” – You Can Overcome TV Season 3 Episode 2

Remnant Fellowship TV presents: “The Power of Accountability” Season 3 Episode 2…Do you ever feel like you will never lose your excess weight? Dieters have found time after time that willpower alone is not enough. This episode will give you the answers you need to be permanently thin by making a complete transfer off of a focus on food and onto a deep love for God. You can do this right away by returning to the basics and using all the resources available through Weigh Down. You will meet three people who have lost all of their excess weight and kept it off by applying these principles. If you have felt empty and know there must be more out there, this episode will give you answers to finding fulfillment in a relationship with God like never before!

Special Guests: Lisa Peters, Tedd Anger, and Candace Anger
Filmed live October 16, 2013
Copyright 2013 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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