Remnant Fellowship – Ten Engagements – Season 12, Episode 7

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Ten Engagements

The Remnant Fellowship Church is a place where loving God FIRST and obeying ALL of His commands is the most important foundation on which the entire Church is built.  Gwen Shamblin has been teaching this concept for the entirety of her 30-plus years of ministry.  Not only has that produced tremendous and miraculous CHANGES in thousands of people’s lives, but it has inspired a younger generation that has grown up from the earliest ages knowing and living out these principles.  With that focus on God first has ALSO come an ever-increasing number of pure RELATIONSHIPS that are grounded on the Truth, and thus, more and more MARRIAGES are taking place.  This is driving a time of growth, both numerically and spiritually, for the entire Church.  Men and women are finding GOD, finding each other, marrying, and having families that they are raising up to love GOD first.  It is an amazing time to be a part of this Church, seeing the blessings for obedience to God play out in the next generation.  Joining Gwen Shamblin, co-host David Martin, and guests Therese Marie Jost and Pam Gunger – who are mothers involved in two of the engagements – in this episode of the You Can Overcome show were TEN couples who have gotten engaged within just the past few MONTHS.  You will not be able to stop smiling as you watch and listen to the pure expressions of love from all who shared in this powerful and moving video.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Hosts: David Martin

Special Guests:

Filmed live on October 18, 2017

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