Remnant Fellowship – The Secrets of Being Under Authority – Season 11, Episode 16

Remnant Fellowship Presents – The Secrets of Being Under Authority

Have you ever found yourself feeling a lack of peace with your job and your boss? What about with a teacher or coach or a husband? It is very easy, especially in this American culture that encourages and even celebrates defiance towards authority figures, to become cynical and judgmental of those who GOD has allowed to be placed OVER us in life. But Gwen Shamblin has spent more than 30 years of Ministry in teaching and living out and backing up the words and example of Jesus Christ, who would not even CONSIDER equality with GOD something to be grasped – See Philippians 2:5-11. So, if there is a lack of peace between you and an authority figure, then who should be the one to CHANGE? The person who is supposed to be UNDER authority needs to go first. And there is no need to worry about this. GOD sees the heart of the person who submits and takes care of EVERY need of that person. That is a concrete Truth that will always stand the test of time. But HOW is this done? What are the many secrets of being under authority, and what does that really LOOK like? This episode of the You Can Overcome addresses every one of these issues, and if you watch it and put these incredible tips and secrets into practice, your entire life will change. Joining Gwen Shamblin for this show are three men who exemplify these characteristics. Brandon Hannah, Jonathan Walters, and Joseph Langsdon are hard-working, selfless servants in GOD’S Church, but the aren’t worn out from their selflessness and service. On the contrary, they are three of the most JOYFUL people you will ever meet. GOD has given them beautiful, loving families. He has given them back 10 hours of time for themselves and their families for every 10 minutes that they give to Him and His Saints. This amazing secret, along with MANY more, are here for ANYONE to implement, and the results equal a fulfilling, happy, blessed life. Yes, these are secrets, but it is astounding to consider that these secrets are available to EVERYONE who wants them. Praise GOD.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Special Guests: Brandon Hannah, Jonathan Walters, Joseph Langsdon
Filmed live on June 14, 2017

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