Remnant Fellowship – The Remnant Wedding Blessing Celebration of Mary and Gabriel – Season 11, Episode 17

Remnant Fellowship Presents – The Remnant Wedding Blessing Celebration of Mary and Gabriel

If you have ever attended a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner or Gathering leading up to a Wedding, you may have heard the Best Man or Maid of Honor – maybe even a few of the Groomsmen or Bridesmaids – share stories about the Bride and Groom. Typically, at least here in the United States, these stories can range anywhere from just humorous to flat-out embarrassing. They tend to focus on the “good times” that those friends have had – often “getting into trouble” together and recounting past dating relationships with other guys and girls. There rarely is any mention of GOD or Godliness or what GOD’S place will be in this couple’s new life together. It is a “horizontally-focused” event, not a “vertically-GOD-focused” event. But here in the Remnant of the Kingdom of Love, we have learned that EVERYTHING starts with GOD. If a couple is not completely, 100 percent grounded on the foundation of “GOD first,” and of walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, laying down their lives for the Church and for each other, then that relationship has a dwindling chance of succeeding. We are 127 marriages into this focus – since the first Remnant Wedding was held in June of 2002. The RESULTS have been phenomenal. As you watch this episode of the You Can Overcome show, you will meet Mary Gormsen and Gabriel Hamilton, two young adults who have been raised for the majority of their lives in this Church and Message. When you hear the testimonies of their Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, you will be floored at the DEPTH of their love for GOD and for this couple. You will be blown away at the SINCERITY of their words and the GRACIOUSNESS of their devotion to helping this couple succeed now and in the future. These are young Saints who are not just “in the Wedding” and helping out for a weekend. They are committed to being a part of this couple’s success for LIFE. THAT is the Message that the members of this Church are hearing day-in and day-out. It is all over Gwen Shamblin’s writings, teachings, videos, and audios. It is prominent throughout all of the Remnant music. It permeates every member’s testimony. This commitment to GOD, to His Church, and to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ gives all of us HOPE for the future. We are not in this “for ourselves.” We are in this TOGETHER – to help each other become more and more pure and righteous each and every day. We are accountable to each other, and this is producing the most peaceful, joyful, loving, and righteous marriages and families that any of us have ever seen. Watch this video, and you will be both moved and inspired as Mary and Gabriel’s Groomsmen and Bridesmaids share their “blessings”…heartfelt words of encouragement and friendship and love for the couple…and why they admire the couple so much. Their Covenant Wedding Ceremony took place on Saturday, July 1st, and it was a beautiful testimony to the power of this Message to transform generations of families – and to build Godly families for the generations to come. Praise God for marriages that last…marriages that are built on the “not my will but Yours be done” example of Jesus Christ. ALSO, please visit for even MORE examples and testimonies from other couples who have been married here!

Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Hosts: Alec Leaman & Ivy Stamps

Special Guests: Mary Gormsen, Gabriel Hamilton, Luke Gormsen, Tomi Homonnay, Brad Stamps, Parker Jost, Erik Gadke, Pauly Sims, Luke Hamilton, Laura Homonnay, Ashton Jost, Angela Ruberto, Lauren Lindgren, Sarah Gunger, Abbi Maginnis, Rebecca Gunger, Annie Gormsen

Filmed live on June 28, 2017

Copyright 2017 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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