Remnant Fellowship Presents – How to Begin your Marriage Successfully: The Blessing of Nicole and Jacob

Remnant Fellowship Presents – How to Begin your Marriage Successfully: The Blessing of Nicole and Jacob

Anyone who has ever attended a Wedding and/or has been close to a couple who was planning their Wedding, marriage, and getting ready for what is supposed to be a lifetime spent together…knows that there of course is excitement and anticipation surrounding the “big event” and the future. HOWEVER, what happens BEHIND the scenes and, unfortunately, in the FUTURE…is often full of strife, disappointment, and all-too-often broken relationships and families. That is the reality of the world and the times in which we live right now. What starts out with hope doesn’t last very long. Why? Because so many of these relationships aren’t grounded on God and His Kingdom FIRST. Selfishness, unmet expectations, and strongholds that haven’t been laid down take over the husband, the wife, or both…and something that God hates – divorce – happens and continues to happen in increasing numbers. But there IS HOPE and there is a place where the OPPOSITE is happening! Watch this video to learn more about how the marriages in this Remnant Fellowship Church not only are full of increasing joy and peace, but the long-term success of the marriages and their families is reversing every negative trend and statistic you can think of. These marriages are being built on a foundation of selflessness and love for God that is beyond anything you’ve ever seen! Along with WeighDown Ministries and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin, you will meet a couple on the eve of their Wedding, Nicole Campbell and Jacob Auernheimer, who are joined by several members of their Wedding Party. The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids share their “blessings”…heartfelt words of encouragement and friendship and love for the couple…and why they admire the couple so much. Your heart will be moved and you will want to join us for the special event, their Covenant Wedding Ceremony, which will be available via webcast on Saturday, May 20th beginning with beautiful music at 4:25pm. Praise God for marriages that last…marriages that are built on the “not my will but Yours be done” example of Jesus Christ. And visit for even MORE examples and testimonies from other couples who have been married here!

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Special Guests: Jonathan and Jessica Walters, Matthew and Francesca Burns, Jared and Abby Peters, Dillon Choate, Patrick Stites, Andrew Savage, Josh Smith, Baleigh VanHuis, Hannah Langsdon, Grace Radebaugh
Filmed live on May 17, 2017

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