Remnant Fellowship – Remnant Recap Videos 2016 – Season 9, Episode 6

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Remnant Recap Videos 2016
What a summer! In this episode of You Can Overcome, Gwen and Remnant Daycamp leaders chat about the peace, power, love and unity of hundreds of children involved in Daycamp 2016, which was immediately followed by the exciting Desert Oasis 2016! The conviction and encouragement of Desert Oasis was, truly, a cool drink of water…not just to Weigh Down participants visiting for the event, but to regular members as well! From 22 baptisms to heart-changing talks to hundreds of teenagers who were unified in sharing about God, this summer-ending weekend gave all of us more resolve to go deeper with “not my will but yours be done!” To sum up the summer, there are encouraging recap videos of Pentecost and the Youth Rush to watch as well!
Special Guests:  Carmen Snider, Jennifer Martin
Filmed live on July 27, 2016
Copyright 2016 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin
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