Remnant Fellowship Presents – Overcoming Head Hunger – Season 12, Episode 10

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Overcoming Head Hunger

Since Weigh Down’s inception, founder Gwen Shamblin’s foundational and life-changing teachings have remained consistent – throughout her 30-plus years of Ministry.  Any type of greed for ANYTHING – food, money, lust, the praise of man, substances, etc. – starts in the MIND.  It is in your HEAD.  Then, that head hunger for things outside of God’s generous boundaries leads you to overindulge in whatever those strongholds and weaknesses are.  If you find yourself stuck in that repeated pattern over and over again, then this episode of the You Can Overcome show definitely is for you.  Joining Gwen and co-host Candace Anger are two ladies who have lost in the neighborhood of 200 pounds combined through rising above HEAD HUNGER.  They have learned the TRUTH, which is that God deserves not just our bodies, actions, and words, but our MINDS.  All of our thoughts must belong to HIM.  Gwen reminds us all that if your thoughts truly are on GOD all day, then you won’t dream of letting your head lead you into sin.  She has done this for decades, thousands more are following in those footsteps, and you can too.  Watch this video, hear the advice given, and put it into practice – and you too will overcome head hunger.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Host: Candace Anger

Special Guests: Kristine Petralito, Misty Westebbe

Filmed live on November 8, 2017

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