Remnant Fellowship – How to Lose Weight with Hunger and Fullness – Season 10, Episode 5

This Video is now part of the Weigh Down Revolution Series

This video is now part of the WEIGHDOWN REVOLUTION series!  To access this video and hundreds of more audios and videos from Weigh Down Ministries, become a Weigh Down All Access Member.

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Remnant Fellowship Presents – How to Lose Weight with Hunger and Fullness… Have you dieted for years and yet remain unsuccessful and frustrated with your weight loss efforts? Why have diets not worked for you? With all of the conflicting information on dieting and with obesity becoming a global epidemic even among children, what is the answer to permanent weight loss and obtaining optimum health? Watch this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, hosted by New York Times best selling author and Weigh Down founder, Gwen Shamblin, to find out the answers you have been searching for. Meet special guest Nick Enns, a Canadian gentleman who shed approximately 90 pounds by applying the principles he learned through Weigh Down. Also, meet Beth Smiley, who lost over 100 pounds through the practical wisdom and Biblically-based teachings of Weigh Down…successfully keeping her weight off for years! Both credit Weigh Down for helping them understand and discover God’s internal system within our bodies of when and what to eat—utilizing the cues of hunger and fullness—as well as tuning in to what they genuinely craved. Both Nick and Beth lost their weight eating their favorite foods, including pizza and french fries! Weigh Down also gave them the “know how” to overcome emotional eating that Gwen Shamblin refers to as “head hunger.” Their inspiring stories will motivate you to be done with the futile efforts of following the man-made rules of dieting and instead turn to the genius system of eating according to God’s lead.
There is great hope for you! Start losing weight today!

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Hosted by Gwen Shamblin

Co-host: Candace Anger

Special Guests: Nick Enns, Beth Smiley
Filmed live on October 13, 2016

Copyright 2016 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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