Remnant Fellowship – “No More Self-Focus” – You Can Overcome TV Season 4 Episode 6

While most of the world struggles with depression, overweight, anxiety, and marriage trouble is it possible to have joy, good health and true peace of mind? Meet a happily married young couple who found the answers to true happiness, health and peace in their lives by putting this message of full obedience to God, as taught through Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church. They are experiencing the blessings God promises in Deuteronomy 28. This show will give you the “know how” to get out of depression and victimization and be happy in any and all situations. God is so personal and attentive; He knows what you need and wants you to find Him. You really can go to Him and find His will all day long. It is exciting and freeing. Learn how to truly trust and obey in this episode so that you can experience this peace that surpasses all understanding.

Special Guests: Todd & Leda Kubiak, with Candace Anger as co-host

Filmed live on February 5th, 2014
Copyright 2014 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin
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