Remnant Fellowship – In the Middle of the Pack – Season 9, Episode 5

Remnant Fellowship Presents – In the Middle of the Pack…Do you ever watch You Can Overcome episodes and feel like Weigh Down and Remnant are great for those who live in Nashville, but it can’t work for you because of where you live? In this episode, you will meet two women who have lost 100 pounds combined, given up smoking, quit overdrinking, and have laid down much more through WeighDown, and yet one of these ladies lives 2,000 miles away! You can DO THIS no matter WHERE you live! The warfare is real…yes…the tests are there, but when you set your mind to being pure and you stay CONNECTED, you can and WILL overcome, and you will feel so blessed! This episode will show you how!

Special Guests: Sheri Barclay, Hannah Travis and Candace Anger
Filmed live on July 13, 2016

Copyright 2016 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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