Remnant Fellowship – Loading the Cloud with Godliness – Season 11, Episode 19

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Loading the Cloud with Godliness

Until just a few years ago, the word CLOUD simply described beautiful formations of white or gray puffy water vapor objects in the sky.  But with the fast progression and development of technology, the word has a whole secondary meaning.  With the Internet now being a part of every day for most people, you naturally would wonder where all of this stuff you’re seeing and hearing and watching is stored.  The CLOUD is what it is commonly called.  Beyond that though, SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – is the most POPULAR and frequently used part of the Internet.  These websites provide ways for people to connect with each other and share the things that they LIKE or DON’T LIKE.  And once you’ve shared your opinion or like or dislike about something or someone, it’s OUT there in the CLOUD for all of the world to see.  Using these resources for GODLY purposes is hugely important for anyone who claims to be a Christian.  Unfortunately, what websites like these ALSO tap into is a deep desire inside of man to promote yourself.  It taps into a look-at-me desire to get man’s approval – instead of GOD’S approval.  This is dangerous.  But GOD didn’t allow these resources to be created for naught.  Here in the Remnant Fellowship and through Weigh Down Ministries, we are learning to use the Internet, and even more specifically, Social Media, to GROW GOD’S Kingdom and to tell the world about our changed lives.  In this episode of the You Can Overcome show, you will meet three young ladies who have a righteous purpose and focus with their Social Media accounts.  They share pictures of Godly fellowship.  They keep the attention OFF of themselves and onto what GOD is doing in this Church and Ministry and how it is shaping their lives.  This effort and focus helps direct people’s eyes and ears UPWARD, giving GOD the credit and glory and praise.  You can use Social Media to either build up or tear down what GOD is trying to do to reach this hurting world.  After watching this episode, you’ll be inspired to go back and check your own accounts and make SURE that your pages, your focus, and your likes line up with what our Heavenly Father approves of – and that you truly are loading the cloud with GODLINESS.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Hosts: Tedd and Candace Anger

Special Guests: Rebecca Gunger, Natalie Gadke, Sarah Spoon

Filmed live on July 12, 2017
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