Remnant Fellowship – “God is Everything” – You Can Overcome TV Season 2 Episode 44

Remnant Fellowship TV – “God is Everything” – You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 44…In this episode, Gwen Shamblin shares more about how to have a repentant heart before God and why understanding true repentance is so important. You will learn more about the Days of Awe and why the members of Remnant Fellowship cherish this time of deep introspection, repentance, and change. You will meet Rusty Henry, a man who has made God his everything, and hear what the Days of Awe mean to him and his family. You will also hear Candace Anger testify that seeking God on a deeper level has resulted in repentance, which has led to beautiful change, a better life, and peace with God.

Special Guests: Rusty Henry and Candace Anger
Filmed live: August 28, 2013
Copyright 2013 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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