Remnant Fellowship – Fundamentals of a God-Fearing Family – Season 11, Episode 21

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Fundamentals of a God-Fearing Family

If you know that your family could use help – and that statement covers the majority of families – then this episode of the You Can Overcome show is for you.  There is HOPE.  Gwen Shamblin has just released her latest written work, History of the One True GOD, Volume III: God-Fearing Families.  And it is a TREASURE chest of valuable, Heavenly teachings that can absolutely transform your family into a peaceful, loving, God-adoring, joyful group – no matter what everyone’s ages are.  Joining Gwen and co-host Candace Anger for this episode were four members of the book’s editing team, and they poured out their hearts with praise to God for the impact that this project has had on their lives.  With 31 chapters and more than 400 pages of life-changing perspective on becoming a Godly family at ALL stages of life, it has already transformed the lives of everyone who is reading it.  These four testimonies will bear witness that these fundamental Truths are to be embraced fully, and the results of putting them into practice are astounding.  God change anything and anyone.  This video – and the book it discusses – will help you in your journey, no matter how short or long you’ve been exposed to these teachings.  This is a great time to make a change.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Host: Candace Anger

Special Guests: Don Fischer, Elisabeth Lorenz, Jill Snapp, David Martin

Filmed live on August 2, 2017
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