The Electricity to Overcome

No more lies … only Truth … and a new determination to finally go ALL THE WAY as you break free from self-focus, throwing off everything that hinders, and accepting what God sets forth as the Truth!

There is an extreme joy—an electricity, in fact—that comes with making the decision to give your whole heart to God! That jolt of joy sparks a motivation to go all the way in this devotion to God. You CAN get all of your excess weight off, just like the people you will hear in this powerful and encouraging episode of the You Can Overcome show! Filmed live on July 11, 2018, this show features a line-up of Regional Representatives, volunteers who have lost their weight through the teachings of Weigh Down and now lay down their lives to encourage others on the same journey. They love to talk to participants, text and email class members, utilize social media to encourage seekers, and pray with and overall who long for the freedom they themselves have found.

In addition, Gwen Shamblin Lara interviews Sheri Barclay, who lost 70 pounds through Weigh Down and has kept it off for years. Sheri joyfully shares about the excitement she experiences from staying in classes and forming close connections with other seekers on this journey. The panel on this show is full of encouraging words to help you stay the course and find that freedom that comes from persevering to total obedience and love for God Almighty! Fight the good fight of the faith … counter the lies with the Truth … and watch God fill you with His Spirit as you connect with Him like never before!

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