Remnant Fellowship – “Characteristics of Christ Summer Camp” – You Can Overcome TV Season 2 Episode 41

Remnant Fellowship TV – “Characteristics of Christ Summer Camp” – You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 41…
In a day and time where children are becoming increasingly rebellious to their parents and teachers, we often hear comments on how different our children are. What is it that makes the Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp such a beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and fun experience? Why do so many adults and teens give up their summers to volunteer at this camp, and why do children want to come from all over the world to attend? You will find the answers in this episode, as Gwen shares more about finding the Spirit of God, imitating the characteristics of Christ, and building a deeper relationship with God. You will also hear a public school teacher contrast what she has seen in classrooms over the years and what she has seen during Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp. Learn how you, too, can help your children find this joy and peace that comes from imitating the life of Christ.

Special Guests: Monica Woods, Jennifer Martin, and Candace Anger
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