Remnant Fellowship – “A Marriage with No Arguments” – You Can Overcome TV Season 4 Episode 4

Remnant Fellowship TV presents: “A Marriage with No Arguments”– You Can Overcome Season 4, Episode 4…Just what does a peaceful, Godly family look like? How does submission work in today’s world of prideful independence and selfish control? Does having a Godly marriage mean that the woman is a doormat and the man is supreme? No, it doesn’t – and in this episode, you will meet a Remnant Fellowship musician and his wife who live out the example of having a Godly marriage with joy and peace. You will get a glimpse into their happy lives as you hear their stories. Matt was aimless, full of questions, seeking fame through music, and was 55 pounds heavier. Monica describes herself as the prodigal child with a wild streak and over 30 pounds of extra weight. Now they have a dream life with four beautiful children and a close, loving relationship. In fact, they have never had an argument in more than ten years of marriage! Matt writes beautiful music for God and for the Church, and Monica describes her life as the answer to all of her prayers and desires. Together they have transformed in all areas of their lives by putting God first with no expectations for themselves, yet they have had all the desires of their hearts fully met. Having faith in God as the foundation behind your actions makes all the difference in your relationships and your life. It takes humility for both husband and wife to fully live this out, and the irony is that when you live in submission and humility, you are the one lifted up. This episode will teach you how to make this change so that you, too, can have relationships filled with love and peace.

Special Guests: Matt Weaver, Monica Weaver, and David Martin
Filmed live on January 22, 2014
Copyright 2014 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

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