Remnant Fellowship – “The Positive Effects of Weigh Down on Health – You Can Overcome TV Season 4 Episode 3

Remnant Fellowship TV presents: “The Positive Effects of Weigh Down on Health” – You Can Overcome Season 4, Episode 3…Poor lifestyle choices are the key factor behind many devastating illnesses and early death. The problem for most people is: HOW do you make a real change and make it stick? In this episode, you will meet a physician and his wife who have lost a combined 170 pounds by applying the principles of Weigh Down. As a result, they have found that everything in their life has changed for the better—their health has improved, their marriage is restored, their children are happier, and they have been set free from depression! It is God’s perfect boundaries and His leading in your life, not just a “higher power,” that are the clear guide and direct path for good health. This episode will give you the “how to” that you need to get started and make a permanent change in your life!

Special Guests: Otis Rickman, Rhonna Rickman, and Tedd Anger
Filmed live on January 15, 2014
Copyright 2014 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin

*Before starting any of the Weigh Down Ministries’ programs, we recommend that you receive a medical checkup. Consulting your physician is especially vital if you have any medical conditions which are impacted by food/foods.

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