Remnant Fellowship – “Remnant Fellowship – Real Men – Real Christians” – Season 11, Episode 8

Remnant Fellowship Presents – Remnant Fellowship – Real Men – Real Christians

When most people think of a bunch of men getting together for an evening – or even an entire extended weekend on the ski slopes or at a football game – a few initial thoughts or words probably come to mind.  Drinking, debauchery, strong language, coarse joking about women, letting loose, and even living the bachelor lifestyle for a few days.  Does that sound familiar?  Unfortunately, that is a common pattern not just in the world, but also when supposedly CHRISTIAN men get together.  But this episode of the You Can Overcome show will blow your mind as you hear from several upright, Godly, Christian men – husbands, fathers, and leaders – who use their time of bonding with each other to grow closer to GOD.  The friendships that these Remnant Fellowship men have with each other are lifelong, like a Band of Brothers battling the spiritual warfare that this life brings with it.  Their Brotherhood is built on a foundation that is much deeper, stronger, and more secure than who’s playing in what games that weekend or which ski slopes they will be flying down or how much they can drink without getting sick.  The connections that these Remnant men have with each other and the joy and laughter that they share does not depend upon looking at other women and talking about them in an inappropriate, lustful way.  In fact, the exact opposite is true of these men.  They delight in their own wives, glowing in their descriptions of how beautiful they are as wives, mothers, and examples of the Proverbs 31 woman described in the Bible.  They genuinely love their children and they speak respectfully of their bosses and co-workers.  These are no ordinary, worldly men.  These are REAL men, REAL Christians.  They want to be the apple of God’s eye, just as King David described.  They are putting this WeighDown and Remnant Fellowship Message into practice, and every aspect of their lives is being blessed by God for their love and commitment, and dedication to Him.  Is this really possible?  Surely there is a catch, right?  No, there is no catch.  This is real, it is genuine, and these men are leading their families in righteousness.  They are building friendships that truly will last a lifetime and are passing down a purity that will continue to change their families, their companies, and in turn, the WORLD.  Watch this episode and be inspired – be hopeful – be joyful that such a place exists.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-host: Tedd Anger

Special Guests: Jonathan Walters, Brandon Hannah, BB Barcus, Durville Patton

Filmed live on March 22, 2017
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