Remnant Fellowship – “How a Quick Fix Can Slow You Down” – You Can Overcome TV Season 2 Episode 18

Remnant Fellowship TV Presents “You Can Overcome” Season 2 Episode 18… It is time to hear the truth of why you are going nowhere with your weight loss or even why you are going backwards. This episode of You Can Overcome will address why quick fixes always backfire and why it will never work to mix diets with Weigh Down. You will meet two women who tried diets without success, and it was not until they started putting into practice the principles taught through Weigh Down and letting go of control that they lost all of their weight and have kept it off for years.

Filmed live January 30, 2013.
Special guests: Stacy Sims and Candace Anger.

Copyright 2013 Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down Ministries, and Remnant Fellowship