Remnant Fellowship – How to End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever – Season 12 – Episode 12

Remnant Fellowship Presents – How to End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

It’s a fact that Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin has taught repeatedly for more than three decades: Dieting doesn’t work.  When you change the food content that you are eating – and not your HEART or your DESIRE for food – you will be stuck in an up and down cycle, like a yo-yo spinning endlessly.  So many people know this feeling.  But there is an ANSWER.  All of Weigh Down’s materials offer a clear way out – through a relationship with GOD Almighty.  On this episode of the You Can Overcome show, you will meet two joyful ladies, Jayne Dubois and Gwendolyn Hurtado, who have successfully put this Message into practice and have put an END to the yo-yo dieting that they struggled with for a big portion of their lives.  And you’ll also see that this works for anyone – no matter your age and what stage of life you are in.  It just works.  And it can work for you too.

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Hosted by: Gwen Shamblin

Co-Host: Candace Anger

Special Guests: Jayne Dubois, Gwendolyn Hurtado

Filmed live on December 6, 2017

Copyright 2017 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin


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