Learn about the Ministries of Remnant Fellowship Church

With 45+ ministries in Remnant Fellowship Church, this is a community where needs are met and everyone has the opportunity to get involved and give back. Under the compassionate and wise direction of Remnant Fellowship Church founder, Gwen Shamblin, the leadership and congregation all work together to make sure all physical and spiritual needs are met through a wide range of services including Food Distribution, Job Placement, Financial Guidance, Wedding Planning, Prison Ministry, Moving Services, Evangelism, Music ministries, Summer Day Camp, Home School Cooperative…and more! The results? A global community of believers with a local feel, who not only have beautiful lives and close knit families but also are utilizing their God given gifts to change the world for the better. Watch this video and see!

For more information on Remnant Fellowship Church and how to visit us locally or via webcast, visit http://www.RemnantFellowshipChurch.org

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