History of Remnant Fellowship Music

Please join hosts Gwen Shamblin Lara and David Martin, as they showcase some of the many musical talents from Remnant Fellowship Church.

Hear a beautiful rendition of “Sleigh Ride” from the talented Remnant Orchestra, as well as a very personal performance of “Long Live the King”, a very complex song written and composed by Remnant’s very own Michael Shamblin.

Throughout the evening, details are given by some of those responsible for making these productions a reality . . . Hear from Tish Dunn, Paula Smith, Jeff Garcia, Jodi Hertz and Karen Perera, as they give insight into the amount of work and dedication these performances require. Listen to student performers, Luke Gormsen and Daniel Anger, as they give an account on the highly esteemed talent that Remnant Fellowship Church has been blessed with, including scholarships and awards at prestigious musical institutions.

Come share in this beautiful evening of praise, worship and Christmas celebrations!!!

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