Dedicated Men

In this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, David Martin, Jonathan Walters, Ryan McCauley, Kent Smith, Cliff Peters and Patrick Stites, some of the earliest members of Remnant Fellowship Church, provide personal testimonies of the trials and tribulations they experienced, as well as the incredible joys and blessings, during the early formation of Remnant Fellowship Church.

Thirty years ago, when Gwen Shamblin Lara first developed the faith-based weight loss program, “Weigh Down,” people were, for the first time, experiencing permanent and profound weight loss! After applying these God-ordained principles to different aspects of their lives, participants also began to experience healed marriages, financial stability, betterment of themselves, as well as the peace and joy that only comes with a true connection to God! Weigh Down grew to international status becoming the number one attended seminar in the world. However, these questions remained …why weren’t churchgoers experiencing the same results? Why were thousands of Weigh Down participants reporting that, although they had attended church for years, the Biblical principles and “how to” teachings taught in Weigh Down were completely new concepts? After all, doing God’s will should be a universal concept.

After seeking wisdom and insight from God and delving further into Scriptural study, it was evident to Gwen that much of what was being taught from the mainstream pulpit was a watered-down version of God’s decrees. Because of this, Gwen along with her family and the Martin family, founded what is known today as Remnant Fellowship Church.

As with the early church, even though the persecution was very evident and heavy, the foundation for Remnant Fellowship Church was laid and solidified through the determination to adhere to God’s teachings.

Today, Remnant Fellowship Church has grown from two families to nearly 2,000 members. The home church is in Brentwood, TN, however, worship assemblies are webcast throughout the world to many different countries. God continues to gather believers locally and around the world who long for a renewed and genuine connection with God …and the results are phenomenal—healed marriage and families, restored finances, improved physical, emotional and mental health…and youth that are full of purpose and hope!

Hosted by: David Martin

Special Guests: Jonathan Walters, Ryan McCauley, Kent Smith, Cliff Peters and Patrick Stites

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