Remnant Fellowship – RFNext Can Overcome – Season 11

Every Summer in the Remnant Fellowship, the Church hosts a several-weeks-long DAY CAMP for the hundreds of school-aged children who are members of the Church. This Camp started in the earliest days of the Remnant, and many of our teenagers and 20-plus year old members grew up and formed some of their tightest, most beautiful, long-lasting friendships during those Summer days. When you spend a Summertime focused on GOD, His Church, His Scriptures, this Message, and all of the fun, games, crafts, songs, activities, devotionals, sports, picnics, service projects, and so much more – ALL experienced within the context of growing closer to GOD and to His Saints – that is a selfLESS Summer, not a self-FOCUSED Summer. Every one of the hundreds of children who have experienced even just a few DAYS of this special time each year can testify that is the BEST time of their lives. In this episode of the special RFNext Can Overcome show, joining hosts Josh Smith and Andrew Fischer, who themselves attended Day Camp every year as they grew up, are nine more devoted-to-GOD Youth who share their stories, blessings, memories, and praises to GOD for what they have learned over the years. If you are looking to help your own children get plugged into Godly friendships and Church activities that will have them pointed in the RIGHT direction, then this video is for you. You have found a place where the children and teenagers are bonding and forming friendships with a Heavenly focus, not a rebellious one. As a parent, what is more valuable than that for your children? Watch this episode and you will feel a sense of HOPE and JOY for the next generation.
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Hosted by: Josh Smith and Andrew Fischer

Special Guests: Ivy Stamps, Chris Radebaugh, Grace Radebaugh, Hannah Langsdon, Scott Thissen, Rebecca Fischer, Andy McDonald, M’Lee Law, Luke Gormsen
Filmed live on June 21, 2017

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