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Remnant Fellowship Presents – RFNext Can Overcome

April 12th of 2017 provided everyone another opportunity to see the amazingly good fruit that has come from the teachings and example given by Gwen Shamblin over more than 30 years of Ministry. But Gwen was not the Host of this particular You Can Overcome show. This night featured another exciting episode of RFNext Can Overcome, meaning that Gwen’s two adult children, Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah, co-hosted a powerful, encouraging, and full-of-hope-for-the-future evening for all to see. To listen to these two anointed Saints carry on their mother’s passion and focus on building God’s Kingdom is an inspiration, and it is further proof that this Church and Ministry is full of Truth. It is producing generation after generation of righteous and changed lives. This third episode in the RFNext Can Overcome theme over the past several months featured another raised-in-this-Message brother and sister as guests, as Michael and Elizabeth were joined by Alec Leaman and Ivy Stamps. All four of these committed-to-God young adults shared from their hearts why making the choice to stay in the vine and in the middle of the pack are the best way to remain focused and devoted – and how to overcome sin. This episode is full of great TIPS for staying connected to other Saints and how to avoid the pitfalls of isolating yourself. We have so many tools to stay encouraged and connected with each other in this generation. Between social media, smart phones, and the ever-growing-simplicity and speed of being able to communicate with anyone in the world, we can instantly pass a test by just reaching out to other strong Saints. Watch this episode and you too will be filled with HOPE for your family as well if you put this into practice, both for now and for the years to come.
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Hosted by: Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah

Special Guests: Alec Leaman, Ivy Stamps
Filmed live on April 12, 2017

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