Remnant Fellowship – RFNext Can Overcome – How to Get Out of Self Focus – Season 11

Remnant Fellowship Presents – RFNext Can Overcome – How to Get Out of Self Focus

For anyone who has observed this Weigh Down Ministry and Remnant Fellowship Church through its existence, you know that the founder of both the Ministry and Church, Gwen Shamblin, has two adult children who are incredibly gifted and driven to continue the great work and “Good News” Message that their mother has given her life to share with the world!  Michael has written a catalog of inspired original music of every kind, amongst many other gifts he uses to further this Message.  Elizabeth has Gwen’s powerful gift of speaking and relating to people both publicly and privately, again amongst many other gifts she uses to further this Message.  What this has produced is a legacy of Truth being passed down and shared from generation to generation!  This beautiful picture of hope for the present and the future was on full display as Michael and Elizabeth hosted the second episode in what will be a series of “RFNext Can Overcome” shows.  Joining Michael and Elizabeth as guests for this February 8th, 2017 evening were Blake and Abbi Waterson, a newly-married couple who are shining like lights for God in their joy, love, servant-hearted time given, and hospitable selflessness in using their new home to host members and guests alike for fellowship.  The conversation between the four of them (Michael, Elizabeth, Blake, and Abbi) was fun, encouraging, and convicting!  In a world where each generation seems to be headed towards more self-indulgence, self-pity, attitudes of entitlement, and an increase in immorality, it is both refreshing and exciting to watch what God is doing with these Youth!  See for yourself…and watch yourself be filled with HOPE for God’s Kingdom to grow and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

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Hosted by: Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah

Special Guests: Blake and Abbi Waterson

Filmed live on February 8, 2017
Copyright 2017 Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, and Gwen Shamblin


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